Recruitment | Coaching | HR Support

Performability (Pty) Ltd is a boutique Recruitment and HR Support agency. We have extensive recruitment experience across multiple disciplines and  environments spanning 20 years in the industry. 


  • The team is made up of senior recruiters each with an area of specialisation and the ability to work across multiple niches.  Over the years we have built a solid network of candidates.
  • Our fees are very competitive, and we work to structure a win-win arrangement with clients. Our recruitment fees hold solid guarantees in our clients’ best interest.
  • We use Scrum as a methodology to remain agile. This gives us the ability to perform and that is how we provide our clients with perfectly matched candidates to give you the ability to perform.
  • We follow an in-house grid-match methodology to match accurately to the spec requirements and thus make it easier for our clients to assess the candidate and to save time in the process.
  • Our sourcing methods and candidate engagement sets us apart in the industry, as we find scarce skills and offer free career coaching to our candidates during the recruitment process with our clients.
  • We take business continuity seriously and have everything stored in a secure cloud-based solution.  All clients will have access to more than one person in the business that knows where any spec is in the process (this is also accessible in a cloud-based solution).
  • Our service is comprehensive and versatile, we assist our clients with executive search assignments, permanent recruitment, and contract roles.
  • Generalist Specialists: Information Technology | Finance | Engineering | Insurance, Medical and Health | Construction | Civil | Architecture | Mining | Production | Manufacturing | Digital, Marketing and Branding | Sales.
  • We use Scrum as a methodology to remain agile and quick to respond.
  • Our sourcing methods and candidate engagement sets us apart in the industry and we offer free career coaching to our candidates during the recruitment process with our clients.
  • Our service is comprehensive and versatile. We assist our clients with bulk, permanent, and contract recruitment.


  • Career coaching
  • Interview Coaching
  • CV revamp service, with LinkedIn review and interview coaching
  • Retrenchment support and coaching

HR Support

  • We have extensive management and human resource experience. We have been in HR related roles and also have the support of HR Consultants in our team.
  • A team with experience to analyse your business needs, develop the solutions and implement the necessary standards required.
  • We realize that new and small businesses cannot afford a permanent HR manager or consultant and this service fulfils that need. We understand that employee’s value and expect HR expertise to be available within a business, and that this is challenging for non-hr managers.
  • We assist you in creating an employee friendly environment conducive to performance and motivation, employees that are treated well and fairly, perform better and this has a direct impact on the business success.
  • In delivering the HR support we work in accordance with all labour-regulating legislation. We adhere fully to all current labour regulating legislation and adopt this into our HR support service and into your business for compliance in all processes and practices.
  • Performability is able to deliver human resources support nationally.
  • New and small business HR support with an employee force of 10 and less.
  • Review current HR processes, documentation, and administration, and amend to standard.
  • Develop and implement HR templates, HR Policies and Procedures.
  • Compile Values for the company according to company culture.
  • Work readiness program with all first-time employees.
  • Compile job descriptions for existing and new roles.
  • Manage, support, and coordinate all HR administration for existing and new employees.
  • Create, and implement the Code of Conduct for the company.
  • Provide HR and Employee Relations advice and labour issue support and direct-call assistance and site visits.
  • Implement interview, hiring, and onboarding policy.
  • Manage payroll and all statutory compliance.